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Flying Dragon and Glitch Media are proud to present BiLT (Building in Lapsed Time), a creative production collaboration built specifically for the needs of the construction and architectural sectors.

Bringing our story-telling and aerial-cinematography expertise to your next project provides your clients and stakeholders with a view from below, above and everywhere in-between.

We don't believe in the 'set-and-forget' camera on the wall. Providing a static timelapse isn't our game.


We create dynamic content that brings the viewer into the site. We highlight the work not only on a macro-scale but also on a micro-scale. Because it's not just about the building. It's about the people who design it, who build it and who deliver it.

Tell the story from start to finish - from the architectural model to a space that's living and breathing with energy and movement.

Celebrate the Build. Celebrate the Space. Celebrate the Impact.

Let's Build Something Together!

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