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As part of MND Australia's national event, MND Week 2017, we created a series of videos highlighting what life is like for a person living with Motor Neurone Disease, and how MND Australia supports families across the country. 



The work that MND Australia does to support people living with MND is hands on, and that's the story we wanted to tell.


It's about the personal interactions people have with the organisation, and the support they receive that really makes a difference - whether it's in the form of medical equipment, simply someone to talk to, or funding the research that gets us closer to finding a cure. 



With only a very small budget, we completed planning and editing in Melbourne while using local crews across Australia to give the charity the best return on investment possible. 


With consistency being the challenge, we planned each story and held production meetings (through the magic of the internet) with the extended team regularly to provide an engaging and consistent campaign.

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